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“Vikoyiatros” The doctor of Vikos gorge

Tuesday July 4th, 2017 BlogDilofo & Zagoria
He is a "doctor" of the soul as he says...he can heal anything with his special potions!

Making the Greek phyllo dough -Choriatiko- with a dowel rod

Tuesday May 30th, 2017 Giagia EleniRecipes
This needs practice!! Let's start rollin' !!

Epirus Green pie by yiayia Eleni

Sunday May 28th, 2017 Giagia EleniRecipes
The Greek green pie you see in breakfast at Gaia Guesthouse made by Yiayia Eleni!

The last Hagiographer of Zagoria

Wednesday April 5th, 2017 Dilofo & Zagoria
In the beautiful scenery the monastery of Agia Paraskevi offers, we found -as he likes to call himself- the last standing hagiographer.

Music Of Epirus – Instruments

Thursday March 30th, 2017 Ioannina

Visiting a Musical Instruments Workshop in Ioannina

Friday January 20th, 2017 IoanninaUncategorized
For all of you who want a closer look in history of Epirus music, Stavros and his father can explain the music and show you how they make traditional instruments!