Giagia Eleni

Is the "grand mother" ...symbolically and, well, she is our Grand mother Eleni!
By Gaia Dilofo - Thursday November 3rd, 2016
Thursday November 3rd, 2016 Giagia Eleni

Definition: Yia-yia or Gia-gia is an affectionate name for “Grandmother” in Greece. The yia-yia or grandmother is a common figure in Greece, whether she’s gathering herbs along the highway or ruling over a kitchen at home. 

Our giagia Eleni is the most loving and dedicated person in the world!

She is the personification of unconditional love!

She is the one that brings that extra “heart” in your breakfast. Everyday she makes some pies for the family…including you!

She always has that extra something to give us for the guesthouse and that extra something is what gave us the award for the Best Greek breakfast in 2015!

So here it is! That love translated into some of her recipes written down for you!

Enjoy it and tell us what you think and if you tried them in our social media!